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Your professional receptions

Organize your professional events in Aix-les-Bains, Dolomieu and Le Lavandou, in exceptional settings, where everything is possible. You can organize all your professional events: seminar, meeting, convention, conference, trade fair, study day, etc.

Combine work and fun during tailor-made professional events. Our attentive teams, our modular rooms, our accommodation and our catering solutions are all good reasons to choose our destinations and their comprehensive and high-end offers, for all your business receptions.

Bring together all the people you care about
Your private receptions

For all of life's important moments, create the most beautiful private events in Aix-les-Bains, Dolomieu and Le Lavandou. Between charm and elegance, organize all types of private events: weddings, birthdays, bachelorette parties, cousins, family meals, etc.

All the important moments of your life can be celebrated with the Epikur Group, in exceptional places that combine charm, elegance and efficiency.

Organize your receptions
Seminars & Events

These places offer accommodation, catering solutions and reception rooms for your private and professional events.

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Modular spaces

Between the beautiful reception rooms, the green exteriors, the high-end services and the personalization, organize your most beautiful private and professional receptions with the Epikur Group.

All our services are complementary to ensure complete, turnkey offers.

Depending on the location chosen, you can invite up to 300 guests.

Start organizing your receptions with the Epikur Group!